August 1, 2007

Smith's Dilemma

Town of Lockport Supervisor Marc Smith has stated that he no longer shops at Tops because he does not condone the tactics Tops has used in blocking the construction of a Wal-Mart Supercenter. The supercenter would include a grocery store which would compete directly with Tops.

The problem with this is Smith's hypocrisy. What Tops has done is take their strategy straight out of the Wal-Mart playbook. No one is better than Wal-Mart at undercutting the competition. Undercut, then destroy.

What Tops is doing, and Wal-Mart has so successfully done, is defend their turf. It's economics 101. If you have a stranglehold on a marketplace, do everything within your power to defend it.

Football coach Mike Holmgren was an assistant under Bill Walsh. If Holmgren comes back and uses the strategy Walsh taught him against him, you can't blame Holmgren. That is what Tops is doing; using the tactics that Wal-Mart has perfected against them.

Meanwhile, you continue to defend Wal-Mart, while criticizing Tops. You can't have it both ways. Take a step back, take a deep breath and try some objectivity. Otherwise, your legacy will be Wal-Mart. Unless your name is Walton, I'm not too sure that's a legacy worth this fight.


Clemenza said...

Great post. I go back and forth on this issue, but the bottom line is why shouldn't Tops fight like hell to protect their turf. I guess Smith has run one too many times unopposed to remember that competition can often be nasty and ugly.

I'm a little surprised that he would take such a stance against a pretty big taxpayer in his town. It's not government's job to pick sides.

Smith should advocate strongly for his position and use his influence to get done what he feels right and let the outcome either vindicate or condemn him.

cg466 said...

I love walmart.Build 10 of em.

Lets put one in Cambria those 56 employees at the HSBC center will need a place to shop.

Larry S said...

Mark's arrogance will ultimately be his downfall. I believe that he acts in what he believes are the town's best interest, but he alienates every person who disagrees with him along the way.

To piss off an entire neighborhood because he is anti-Tops, his PERSONAL opinion, is the sign of a weak leader.

He's another one who is incapable of being objective.