August 21, 2007

RIP Betty Hoffman

The articles on the passing of former N.T. Mayor and State Assemblywoman Betty Hoffman seem to hark back to a time when maybe politics wasn't quite the bloodsport it has become today. Maybe it's a little naive, but wasn't there a time when you could run rough and tumble and at times even dirty campaigns but then put that aside and govern? Today, we are in the perpetual campaign cycle, which I don't think is at all a healthy thing.

How nice it was to hear people refer to her as a non-partisan mayor. Is there anyone today in a local leadership role that you could call non-partisan in their approach to governing? Certainly no one comes to mind immediately.

Goodbye Betty.


Big Daddy said...

Definitely another time and place. North Tonawanda politics has gotten uglier each year and I don't see it improving any time soon. Mayor Soos is no where near the civic icon of someonel like Betty Hoffman.

Anonymous said...

Larry Soos is what you get when the vast majority of N.T. residents voted with their feet and moved to places like Wheatfield and Pendleton. The fact that this guy is the face of N.T. is disgraceful.

The Betty Hoffman era seems like it was 100 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Bey Hoffman "nonpartisan"!" "What a crock" to quote another post here. Betty Hoffman begat the winning is everything at any cost style of politics that has been perfected by her protege Generalsimo George.

Betty was the mastermind behind the NC Rep. capture of the NC Liberal party with the installation of her son as Chair for many, many years, resulting in that long tradition of guaranteed Liberal and Conservative party backing for favored GOP candidates.

With the final demise of the Lib Party, Betty's former minions ate whole the NC independence party to replace it.

Its is ironic indeed that Betty's last political hurrah was a failed campaign to replace Senator Daly. An effort for which she was severely trashed by her former loyalist spawn, the current occupant of that office. He used every dirty trick in the book to defeat her attempt to gain the Republican designation in the special election .

She may have been many other good things, but "non-partisan" is not one of them.

Cracker Jack said...

When I called Assemblywoman Hoffman for some assistance, she called me back right away and solved the problem for me. That was impressive and I never forgot that day. She served our community well and should be praised for her non-partisan efforts. May God rest her soul.

cg466 said...

I never shed a tear over the enemy.
How many real heros died today?