August 27, 2007

Primary Election Candidates

If you are a candidate involved in a Primary Election this year, we at Niagara Times would like to provide you a forum to promote your candidacy. Simply email us at the link provided on this page, and we will print your information. We would prefer the text of the information in the email, not as an attachment.

In a nutshell, please provide a synopsis of why the people of your respective district should vote for you. Please keep your information to 200 words or less. We will copy and paste your content as received, so please check it for spelling and grammatical accuracy.

Please include the office you are seeking and which lines will encompass your primary.


big daddy said...

Sail Away, that is a great public service you offer. I just hope the candidates recognize that once they post with you, their words are there for all of us to comment on....good and bad.

I can't wait to see which candidate's step up to the plate.

Turk 182 said...


You should ban any use of cliches in the write up. Any candidate who claims to be "fighiting for us" or "getting the job done" should be held up for scorn and ridicule.

clemenza said...

I'm doubtful any candidate has the courage to post information about themselves knowing that the comments on this blog can be pretty harsh sometimes.

I recommend to any candidate be candid and compelling and people will appreciate your efforts, even if they disagree with your views.