August 6, 2007

Opposition to HSBC

The local Gannett newspapers regularly run unscientific polls on their websites, which often touch on a variety of topics. The Tonawanda News and the Niagara Gazette have decided to focus their current poll on the local sports frenzy du jour, the Buffalo Bills. Their polls ask "How many games will the Buffalo Bills win this season?". Fair enough, it is the start of training camp, and many Bills fans are getting ready for another season of heartache. The Union Sun & Journal, however, has decided to go a different direction with it's online poll.

The US&J poll wants to know if it's online readers "Are you in favor of an HSBC data center in Cambria?" This poses several questions: Are you, the US&J, in favor of the data center? Do you, the US&J, believe that this is only an eastern end of the county issue? It certainly appears that way because if you didn't, it'd be running county wide. Most importantly, who are the nearly 25% of the poll respondents who are against the HSBC project in Cambria?

I suppose that there are some people who would prefer to keep the area in it's current rural setting, and I could certainly understand that. Most of us live in an area because we enjoy that type of setting, whether it be urban, suburban or rural.

But this area is starved for economic revitalization. We have heard Elliot Spitzer refer to our area as Appalachia. How are we ever going to progress if we are opposed to new projects? Is this the infamous "not in my backyard" mentality at work?

Who is opposed to a $1 billion investment in our county that will bring millions in revenue to multiple municipalities? Who is opposed to 350 construction jobs and 56 well-paying, full-time jobs?

I cannot even begin to fathom the small-minded thinking of some people in this county. Let's get our heads out of the proverbial sand, start embracing investment in our community and maybe we can differentiate ourselves from every other upstate county in New York that is struggling to survive.


Larry S said...

Yes, keep us in the Stone Age! Get rid of electricity! I want to plow my field with a donkey!

Mr. Pink said...

I also have a problem with these polls that are completely unscientific but because they are attached to the newspaper are given some measure of crediblity. I don't believe any measurable perccent is against this project, but in small sample sizes that aren't balanced, people with an ax to grind can spike the vote.

Maverick said...

The people who are against the data center are C.A.V.E people...Citizens Against Virtually Everything. They need to get a life. This vacant land which contributed nothing to the local economy will now support much-needed economic development. No one can look a gift horse in the mouth like Western New Yorkers.

Scott Leffler said...

C.A.V.E. people. I love that. Aside from some of the folks in Cambria who want to maintain their "rural surroundings," I don't see how anyone would or could oppose this. As for the US&J, I think the poll is just in response to the story they ran last week ... and has nothing to do with THEIR beliefs ... but I'm just surmising.

cg466 said...

What are you people smoking? Economical Developement! 56 High paying jobs.Wow! They will need the money to pay for there commute from Clarence or Williamsville.
I can Hardly wait till we get our own police force so we can all pay Amherst style taxes. Give me the Donkey and the plow I will take my chances with the good folk.
Just call me Flintstone!!!!Semper Paratus Scott

miss muffit said...

I don't think that all the jobs are going to come from Williamsville and Clarence. Most of those people have high paying jobs, cause heck they can afford to buy homes out there that are like mansions. Why would anyone be against development. I understand that they want to keep the rural area...but heck there is no development out there just move down the street so you can't see the building and give a potential job to someone in the county that may not have one. Yeah 56 doesn't seem like a big number...but that is 56 more people adding money to the surrounding area economy because they are out there. They aren't going to drive home for lunch, they are going to stay in Niagara County and use that money in our economy.

Big Daddy said...

Everyone talks about how there are no silver bullets in economic development. You aren't going to turn the area around with one company hiring 1000 people. You need several victories and build synergy. So Niagara County lands a 21st century data center with high paying jobs and the opportunity to attract futhre high tech companies and people complain.

Comments from CG show how much brain drain this community really has been hit by.

cg466 said...

All I can say is who is your Daddy?
Miss M Lets go build a 4 star resturant down the street so we can feed the 56 who wont drive home for lunch.
We need a Super Walmart too!