August 14, 2007

Moving Forward in a Post Vince World

Much has been written about the failure of Niagara Falls Mayor Vince Anello to get on the ballot, meaning come Dec. 31st, his tenure is over. The Niagara Falls Reporter does a nice job in detailing his amazing fall from grace, although they may do it with a little too much glee.

Now that the Falls is guaranteed a new Mayor, I thought it would be interesting to see what one piece of advice you might have for whoever takes over the unenviable task of presiding over the Honeymoon Capital.

Clearly, it would be very easy to be sarcastic here, but I'm serious. Let's have your ideas.

My suggestion: Focus casino dollars into neighborhood revitalization. That could mean starting a homestead program for casino workers, tearing down dilapidated houses or paving city streets. Invest in the people who have invested their lives in being citizens of Niagara Falls.


Fed Up said...

Merge the water and sewer district in with the county to get that albatross of the backs of city taxpayers. Too many patronage positions over there.

Pirate's Code said...

Whatever they decide to do with casino money...have a plan. Lay out for the citizens how much will go where, and over what period of time. Arguments can be had over what the best use for that money is, but a defined plan can be a great starting point, or maybe even an ending point for that discussion.

But using casino cash as grease for a squeeky wheel is a waste.

My second piece of advice to whomever wins is this...don't assume you have some sort of mandate from the voters. You are in office, in part, because you're not Vince Anello. That was one of Vince's mistakes.

Have a plan. Stick to your plan. But listen to the people who made your plan possible.

Larry S said...

Politics has ruined NF. It's been a process over 50 years. Anello got caught up in it. I always liked him and wish him well.
As for the next Mayor, you absolutely have to address the surge in crime, it's really casting a shadow over the city.

Cardinal said...

Borrow Eliot's steamroller and start over!

Mr. Pink said...

Appoint fresh new faces to top positions in your administration and then clean house.

Clemenza said...

Show the city is more business friendly by finally addressing the homestead/non-homestead tax issue.

Unfairly taxing businesses at a higher rate that residents just drives business away.