August 3, 2007

More Troubles for Spitzer

Governor Spitzer's energy adviser Steven Mitnick has resigned amid an investigation into claims that he threatened a Republican on the state Public Service Commission.

In April, a PSC member appointed by former Republican Governor George Pataki said Mitnick had threatened her in an effort to get her to back off efforts to investigate Consolidated Edison over last summer's major blackout in New York City.

PSC Cheryl Buley says that during one of the agency's public meetings, Mitnick had threatened her career five or six times since the governor took office January first.

Mitnick's resignation is the latest turmoil to hit the Spitzer administration. The governor has suspended one of his top aides and reassigned another after the state attorney general said the staffers had used state police to keep tabs on the travels of Sptizer's main Republican rival, Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno.


Cardinal said...

Just got back from a very nice vacation. Catching up today on the local news has been quite interesting. Lawsuits by candidates, the Governor under serious political fire, and so much more. The first place I went for political news was here at Niagara Times. The papers are ok, but you have it all right here. The site is really awesome and I hope you keep up the great stories. As for the Governor, he needs to go on a vacation and think for a few days. He needs to calm down and realize he was elected Governor, not King. And he needs to come forward and tell us the truth about what is happening, just like he demanded from the CEO's on Wall Street a few years back.

Mr. Pink said...

Cardinal, I think you hit it right on the head. People want Spitzer to succeed, but that doesn't mean he has carte blanche to do whatever he wants to achieve his goals.

I for one, like his rhetoric but am disturbed by the lack of Upstaters in the highest echleons of his adminstration.

I hope he regains both his moral compass and his realization that it's ok to hire non-Harvard grads outside of NYC for important positions.