August 2, 2007

Green's Lawsuit

I must admit that I am a bit confused about the City of Lockport First Ward race. From what I understand, Phyllis Green, who lives in the Second Ward, but is running in the First Ward, has filed a lawsuit challenging the First Ward petitions of newcomer Richelle Pasceri. Apparently, the lawsuit comes down to the validity of a single signature on Pasceri's petitions.

Should Green be successful in having that one signature invalidated in State Supreme Court, Pasceri would be knocked off the Republican line in the September primary election. But what is Green so afraid of? Pasceri is a virtual political unknown. Green has at least 14 years in office. Doesn't Green have a record that can stand on it's merits?

What's even more disconcerting is the fact that the Union Sun & Journal ran a story in Sunday's paper highlighting the fact that so many incumbents are running unopposed and how difficult it is to find people in the community who are willing to step up and run for office. What's Green's response? File a lawsuit, which costs $350 just to file, hire a process server to deliver it, which is another $50, hire an attorney, at a cost of which we do not know, and take Pasceri to court and incur further court costs. All to challenge one signature. Someone really, really wants to be Alderwoman.

What Green is doing may be legal, but it looks bad. From what I have heard, Pasceri has made a statement to the effect of "Why is Phyllis denying the people of the First Ward the right to choose?". I think that's a valid question.

Green may have a legal case when she appears in court next week. But the court of public opinion is much more relevant when it comes time to pull the lever. Pull the plug on this lawsuit, Phyllis, let the voters of the First Ward have a choice.


Virtual Unreality said...

Phyllis is talking out both sides of her a$$. I heard her on WLVL talking about how every candidate reviews other candidates petitions, it'sthe law, blah blah blah.

Green is pushing this as far as it can go, which is Supreme Court. She's no more interested in finding new candidates than any other incumbent.

She flat out lied.

Pete said...

76 year-old Phyllis. 30 year-old Richelle. We all squawk about new blood. Unfortunately i don't live in the city, but if I did, Pasceri would have my vote.

You're absoluetly right, someone really, really wants to be alderman. Makes ya wonder.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe the paper today....So let me see if I have this right.... Phyllis is complaining about one signature on Pasceri's petitions of someone who may not have lived in her ward, but Phyllis herself doesn't even live in the first ward? Is she moving? Is her house sold? Do we have a definite date of her move? How is that legal?? Don't you have to be a resident of the ward??

Summer Sets said...

I believe a candidate has to be in the area he/she is by election day.

You definitely pinpointed the irony of this situation.

Scott Leffler said...

I hope Richelle's petition stands as we CERTAINLY need new blood in Lockport. I've had about enough Phyllis as I can take. That said, why didn't Richelle seek the Democrat line as well? I'm sure they would have helped her. Could be her downfall.

cg466 said...

Phyllis was born evil and she will die Evil.To all you people who supported this old bat Thanks alot.

cracker jack said...

This latest political shell game played by Phyllis just disgusts me. She has been part of the system for a long time and seems upset that someone had the nerve to challenge her and offer new ideas for Lockport. It's about time that someone new stepped forward because we are in desperate need of new leadership on the City Council. I must ask, if Phyllis thinks she has done such a great job for Lockport, then what is she afraid of? She must be a afraid of something, otherwise she would not be spending all this time and money on lawsuits to get his opponent off the ballot. I have thought up a few reasons why I would be worried if I were Phyllis: haven't lived in the ward she is running in, voted for City Council pay raises while Delphi workers are taking substantial pay cuts, and not reading laws before voting on them. These actions all show her pure greed and arrogance. I just hope that the voters are given a chance this fall to show Phyllis the door and not denied the chance due to some legal mumble jumbo.

Anonymous said...

You know, we seem to have a lot of diverse views on this site except when it comes to Green. I think it always bodes poorly for elected officials when all points of view on the spectrum line up to bash you.

cg466 said...

You know, we seem to have a lot of diverse views on this site except when it comes to Green. I think it always bodes poorly for elected officials when all points of view on the spectrum line up to bash you.

So whats your point?