August 28, 2007

The Greenies Take Spitzer to Task

A few weeks ago, we wrote about Governor Spitzer vetoing legislation that would essentially eliminate any CWM expansion in Porter by not allowing any toxic landfills in areas that could dump into the Great Lakes. This was a Maziarz/DelMonte bill that also passed last year and was vetoed by Governor Pataki.

Some people wondered if the green crowd in Lewiston and Porter would hammer Spitzer the way they did Pataki. Well, we have our answer in this column by well-known activist Amy Witryol in the Gazette.

While Amy hammers away, the lack of comment from statewide environmental groups on this issue is interesting....are they uninterested because Niagara County is light years away from Albany or is the Governor right about flaws in the bill..and if the bill is flawed, how quickly will he move to find an alternative solution?


clemenza said...

I jumped over and read the piece. Very interesting information.

I've never considered myself the greenest crayon in the crayon box, but I'm offended that Niagara County is the toxic dumping ground for the rest of the state.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Maziarz have another bill on this issue?? What ever happened to that one?