August 4, 2007

Good Grief

The Niagara Gazette's Cheers & Jeers section is regularly pretty lame, but this week's was particularly bad. Frank Parlato pays a portion of what he owes in back taxes and somehow that's a reason for cautious optimism. Let's say what everyone knows: Partlato's goal is to hold onto the old Occidental building long enough for the state to overpay him a boatload of money to make that site the new Niagara Experience Center. Whatever he's doing, legal or illegal, it's just plain wrong. It's people like this who have turned Niagara Falls into a cesspool.

1 comment:

Mr. Pink said...

I think in a city used to getting ripped off, someone who at least pays a portion of what they owe is reason for optimism.

It's what happens when the bar has been continually lowered for so long.