August 3, 2007

Feedback on Last Night's Show

I'm curious as to people's opinion on the Pulse last night. I actually thought Wojtaszek and Rivera would throw a few more fastballs at each other but things remained pretty civil. A couple of thoughts:

1) Earlier posts mentioned that they thought Wojtaszek would be the odd man out with Leffler and Confer joining River in the attack. Actually, Scott played in right down the middle and should be considered "moderator material" for future political debates in the community. I don't think Confer said five words, but maybe he didn't feel a need to given that the guests aren't afraid to talk.

2) The LaBarbera mail piece that Dan Rivera pulled out of his pocket was pretty hard hitting and echoed many of the points made by people posting here. I'm not sure who put it out...GOP, disgruntled Dems, the Dem committee itself...but it does vindicate Rivera for pulling the endorsement from LaBarbera. That mail piece shows why this issue won't go away.

That's what jumped out at me. For those of you who watched, anything stand out?


Bob Confer said...

I thought the show went very well. The civility and calmness was impressive and somewhat unexpected...I had envisioned them being at each other's throats and had originally questioned them having to sit beside one another since they aren't exactly the best of friends.

Their professionalism in this setting did lend itself to alot of information and truly solid debate being exchanged. I didn't have to say boo all night because they controlled the direction of the show so well and had a lot to say.

The viewers enjoyed it (as a matter of fact there were six calls we never got to) as did the LCTV staff (They said it was the fastest hour of PULSE ever).

And, yes, Scott should definitely moderate local debates. Many local politicians have protested when his name comes up for such things (hence him not doing so) but he proved yet again last night that he's great as a moderator and, despite the stereotype, he is very fair and balanced.

Larry S said...

I was actually disappointed; I wanted to see them go at it!! Hell, it was practically a love-fest.

Scott did do very well, and was pretty balanced.

As fas as the LaBarbera piece, that's politics and it's not always pretty. If you can't handle it, Rivera, get out.

Big Daddy said...

I liked it a lot but I'm with Larry...we want fireworks!!!

Actually, it was more infomrative than I ever would have guessed. I do have question based on something bob confer posted.

He said they didn't get to six calls yet it seemed to me a lot of the "regulars" managed to get through.

My question: isn't there a way to let some of these new voices get through.

I know limiting the calls might now work, but there has to be a better way to not let have the same people over and over.

If I have to hear the ramblings of I think it's Jim or Bob in Niagara again, I"m going to scream (or a least turn the channel.)

Scott Leffler said...

I appreciate the kind words from SailAway and others. It's nice to know that I'm not the monster some make me out to be. :)

As far as the callers go, the calls are taken in the order that they are recieved - both on LCTV and on my show. The key to getting through? Call early.

I'm actually going to pick up today on my show where we left off last night on LCTV - election reform. I think these ballot challenges suck. I think it's too hard to run. And I think election law needs to be simplified. It was written by those in power to keep themselves in power.

I'd love to hear new voices today. Please feel free to call.

William Wallace said...

I actually watched the show last night for some reason and couldn't stand the scripted responses from Rivera on the Labarbera and AES issues. The AES issue was even put to rest by the hosts (Lefler and Confer) and then the next caller "had to get back to the issue" because Rivera didn't get his scripted response in. That was a joke. Rivera also was way too forward and wouldn't shut up. He even told a caller "No, you weren't listening too me", just rude. Combined with Wojtaszek's laid back attitude, the show was more like the Dan Rivera show, tring to tell us about Lincoln and Douglas (who he barely remembered the names of).

I wish more callers would have gotten through so that there would have been more issues to talk about because I agree, it was a fast hour considering how little was covered. The hosts were def neutral though and did well to let things flow as best they could. I hope there is another like this, maybe with time limits for talking or something.

Anonymous said...

What's the mail piece that Sail Away mentions in the Post?

hilldogh8tr said...

Riviera is a know it all like hilldog...speaking down to people like a frickin genius...I'm surprised his head fit in the studio!!!!

Anonymous said...

A mailer written about Labarbera's DUI I guess. They whipped it out on the show yesterday night.

Anonymous said...

Smelled fishy, rivera whipping out a mailer about labarbera's DUI which was mailed just after rivera asked the labarbera to drop his name from the race (because of his DUI) and labarbera wouldn't, and then claiming not to have printed it? what'd rivera say? walks like a duck, smells like a duck, must be rivera?

Sail Away said...

The LaBarbera piece, which we only got a glimpse of, looked like a pretty hard-hitting piece alluding to LaBarbera's DWI arrest.

Scott Leffler said...

The mailer had a picture of a guy in cuffs and police lights on one side and says: "What's worse than legislature candidate Bob LaBarbera getting arrested for drunk driving?"

Then on the other side it says: "The fact that he refused to apologize for it. Bob LaBarbera says if we elect him in the Niagara County Legislature he will bring accountability and responsibility to government. Well, he certainly has a stange way of showing responsibility. According to the Buffalo News, LaBarbera was arrested at 1:40 a.m. on July 19th on Niagara Falls Boulevard by a State Trooper and charged with DWI, refusing a breath test, and failure to keep right. And what did LaBarbera have to say for his actions? "It doesn't change my principles and my integrity and the injustices I belive are being inflicted on the county by the current (Legislature) majority." -- Bob LaBarbera, (Buffalo News, July 24). Huh? No apology for putting people's lives at risk with his drunk driving? No taking responsibility for his dangerous actions? No explanation for why a 58 year-old-man is out driving drunk at 1:40 in the morning in the middle of the week? That's no accountability. That's not responsiblity. And that's not the person we need representing us in the Niagara County Legislature."


Bob gave me a copy of it himself. It was mailed to him. First class from Buffalo.


One would, of course, conclude that the GOP sent it out, but Henry denied that last night. The Dems could have sent it out, but Rivera denied it (rather angrily) ... and I also don't know that they would have thought to do it. Henry suggested that maybe Gary Parenti did it. I don't know about that - although Parenti DOES hate LaBarbera.

No matter who did it, it's dirty cause it doesn't have a disclaimer and was meant to be sent stealhily. If you don't have the courage to stand behind your words, your words carry much less weight.

HOWEVER ... the points contained in it are dead on, IMHO.

William Wallace said...

Wow, that is a tough piece. I agree with Lefler, that is pretty much right on.

Big Daddy said...

I was going to say it has to have a disclaimer, but I think first-class mail is in a separate category.

I guess that's a sign that the political season is in full swing. Let my mailbox fill up and my phone start ringing.

Pacman said...

I watched the show. I thought it was very informative. The most important part of the show to me was the discussion on policy. Hey, politics is politics. It is a shame that these mailers come out year after year slamming people's personalities and life choices, but it has been happening for decades. As a county taxpayer, I was impressed by the Republican chairman talking about stability for us. I did not know that the Wall Street financial people upgraded our credit rating and according to him - twice. He seemed to credit this change to the surplus we now have. You know, compared to Erie County, things seem to be not all that bad here in Niagara. The Democrat Chairman, when pressed for solutions just kept talking about AES. Everything was all about AES. I understand that this is an important issue and all, but what other things will his party work on to get our county stable. I think LCTV should have these two guys back and the show should focus on what each party stands for at our local level so we have an understanding of this before casting our ballots this November.

cg466 said...

Yes sir I was Impressed.Two monkeys
strokeing each other. Niagara County Politics,Dumb and dumber.And we must not forget the dumbest."The Voter"