August 17, 2007

China Recalls

There are so many factors at work here that it's hard to pinpoint the problem. However, the ultimate responsibility is of the American consumer. The need for all things in one convenient, low-cost location is driven by the go-go-go mentality of today's society.

No one forces people into Wal-Mart. You make a conscious decision to shop or not shop there.

Sams Club and the other mega-stores are indicative of American's gluttony. More, more more. What's it leading to? More fat Americans, more heart disease and less social interaction.

Remember when we were kids? No X Box, no cell phones, no cable TV. We went out to play at 9 am and our mothers had to call us in (multiple times) as the sun went down. We invented games, hit baseballs, tossed around the football or whatever we wanted to do. Maybe we just "hung out".

These days, I have a neighbor who I truly believe to be a vampire. At 10 years-old, I'm not sure he's seen the light of day. He has an obsession with video games. His dad tries to get him to come out and play ball, but the kid wants to stay inside and play Blackhawk Down or whatever "simulated" game he has.

Twenty-five years ago, we didn't need to simulate anything. We created. It may have been the stupidest game ever thought up, but we didn't care; it was fun.

Elton John recently stated that the internet needs to be completely abolished because he believes it is destroying good music, saying: “The internet has stopped people from going out and being with each other, creating stuff."

On, the poll asks "Which invention do you think will be the most commercially successful?"

We must quench our insatiable appetite for the newest high-tech gadget.

Even now, I have to justify sitting here on my wireless laptop, with my Blackberry in hand while looking at video on my cell phone. Honestly, it's pathetic. So, I'm going to put my computer down, head outside and see if any of the neighbors are out.

Maybe we can get a wiffle ball game going.


Anonymous said...

We are creating a lazy, obese society.Well, let's say creating the setting that allows people to take the easy, lazy way. When you go in Walmart, 80% of the people in there are overweight! I caught a teaser for the news about a group of people who have come together based on their ideas of not watching tv, not being on the computer, etc. Back to good old fashioned hanging out on the front porch reading and talking. I also realize that back when I was a kid, most families had stay at home moms. Working moms now a days are definitely looking for that one-stop shopping and the quick way to make a meal.But quick meals can also be healthy. And most communities offer great varieties of ways to get kids moving and active, if only they would get involved. I love hi-tech stuff, but parents need to set the limits, for themselves and their kids.

HillDogH8tr said...

"However, the ultimate responsibility is of the American consumer."

I disagree. Let the market work out the kinks. If the toy manufacturers continue to use this type of poor labor, I know I won't buy products that could kill my kids, so over time, the businesses would suffer for being the true parties at fault.

Larry Castellani said...

The "China problem", tainted toys, toothpaste and such, is a globalization problem. The globalized "market place" will never solve such problems. Faith in this continuing mythology is a function of the thoughtless Liberalism/Neo-conservativism that affects our consciousness and education via our brainwashing media and hypnotizing educational systems. Only people at the local level will solve such problems by reappropriating their culture and capacity to make real practical and political value judgements. What can be done "at home" must be done at home. If you accept cultural and economic "crap," China and the "globalists" will be more than happy to sell it to you. But we can't fight "globalization" head on. We can only use our energy to reappropriate political power and educational autonomy at the local level. America is in a pre-revolutionary era but is not yet aware of it. But this revolution is not about guns and violence, it's about building politically empowered, multi-cultural, democratic communities and regions of self-determining peoples who stop the bureaucratic centralists in Washington from taking our tax money to fund Orwellian wars that have nothing to do with main street America.

Most Rediculous Post of the Day said...

Larry, you said: "Faith in this continuing mythology is a function of the thoughtless Liberalism/Neo-conservativism ...blah blah blah"

So Liberalism/Conservatism are both in this boat to you, what does that leave left? Castellani-ism? Where good ole, lifetime of experience filled Larry tells us how to runs the world?

Larry Castellani said...

TO THE "Anonymous" NAYSAYER:
Yes, I do lump the various powerblocks of America into whatever you want to call it. I would call it a "bureacratic centralist" regime representing the corporations and transnational capital. Interestingly you seem compelled to use the language of the media to understand what is happening to us. You ask, what is left if we don't buy into the terminology of "Liberalism," "Neo-conservativism," "Republicans," "Democrats," ,etc.? The answer is that what is left is what we can create. But first we need to understand what's happening locally and in America in terms of our own political interests and not in terms of the interests of the power elite and their minions. Are you afraid to think for yourself? And when you think do you fear there's nothing left but the crap they feed us on TV. Beleive it or not I'm on your side, unless you're George W. Bush and Co. If you believe in the "ability" of some fantastic "thing" called the "free market" to solve our problems, then you may as well wait for Santa Claus to do it. The market is manipulable and is being manipulated, but not by you or me. It's manipulated by those who want you and me for cheap labor and cannon fodder. I'm not trying to tell you how to run the world, but that seems to be your fear. I'm suggesting a local cultural and political source as a potential solution to global problems. It's a form of Neo-populism and not Castellani-ism. My standpoint is that of the community and the social individual not the "nation-state" and the mass-marketed "individualism" that is destroying commumity and the experience of social individuality. Give up thinking with the dualistic labels of democratic-republic; left wing-right wing; conservative-democrat; blue state-red state, etc. These are obsolete ideological masks to keep you and me thinking in false oppositions and pseudo-conflicts. The real conflict is betwee the New Class of managers and lawyers in Washington and the Client Class of wage earners living from paycheck to paycheck. It's not between gays and straights, blacks and whites, citizens and immigrants. It's between a class that aspires to Empire and New Class internationalism and a subservient Client Class that will do their bidding. American Liberal Democracy has failed democracy no matter what labels you use to explain its failure. Our national leaders do not lead; they serve the interests of the wealthy who buy them out. Only local political power will end the sell-out and corruption that is Washington, D.C.

Anonymous said...

Run for office and begin changing Larry, but while you're off fighting the 'dualistic, metaphysical, bureacratic centralist blah blah, I'll live in reality and work with the system, instead of trying to be some genius revolutionary like yourself. I believe that a once great system can return to greatness, unlike you who seems to have it all figured out and is ready to toss everything out the door. Deregulate, lower taxes, privatize, and watch the market do its thang.

William Wallace said...

For some reason I waded through this muck and resent the lawyer comment by Larry Castellani.

Larry Castellani said...

Dear Anonymous and William Wallace:
It's not me who is thowing the system out the door, it's those who pretend it's still working for the American political idea. It's unfortunate that you fail to see critical thinking as not part of the democratic system. Those in power love to see your smug anti-intellectualism. Such people as yourself who refuse to entertain new ideas and resort to namecalling and unenlightening sarcasm are so easy to control politically. You are part of the problem, not the solution. You give the people's poltics a bad name. Wake up and smell the ignorance.

Scott Leffler said...

SO when is the whiffle ball game? I'm in.