August 28, 2007

Candidate Dan Engert

My name is Daniel Engert and I am the endorsed Republican, Conservative and Independence candidate for Somerset Town Council. My opponents have filed opportunity to ballot petitions and so I will be involved in a primary for all of the above lines. Our town has been mired in a controversial PILOT award to the AES Somerset power plant. I believe however, that the critical issue facing the town and voters is “Who do you feel is best able to lead and maneuver this town through a change process that is obviously necessary in Somerset?" No matter the outcome of the PILOT litigation, it is obvious that we need to make some strategic decisions (that involve change) about the future in Somerset. Why should the voters in Somerset vote for me?
1. I am committed to working hard to develop and ENCOURAGE new ideas and approaches to promote small business. I believe that our town has a great deal of potential, in the way of skills, talent and resources. If elected, I will initiate a concerted focus in this area.
2. I will bring a spirit of cooperation and partnership to make certain that the interests of our residents resonate with our town officials so that the TOWN can effectively direct its own future. I will be accountable to the taxpayer only! I will maintain close ties to the constituents and will communicate regularly about what is going on in the town. I will commit to maintaining good, positive working relationships with all government, business and civic leaders/organizations to make CERTAIN that Somerset is part of discussions with issues relative to our town!
3. I will demand accountability with all contracts and expenditures, including our legal services, to ensure that we are wisely utilizing tax dollars in the best interest of our town’s objectives! I will strive to evaluate procedures and practices to ensure that town government is lean and efficient in all matters.
4. I believe it is crucial to have committed leaders in Somerset who have the interests of the town at heart and who will work to UNIFY this great community and move forward during this trying period in our history. I will commit to be that type of leader by respecting the will of the voters. Petty politics and retribution should not be part of our town government. Representatives and/or other town officials who actively engage in this sort of political manipulation and interference solely for the sake of control should not be tolerated.
Thank you again for the opportunity.


Clemenza said...

If ever a town needed some common sense, it's Somerset. Dan Engert would be an excellent choice. Good luck Dan.

BB said...

A breath of fresh air - thank God