August 16, 2007

Apolito: Two Wrongs Do Make a Right

Niagara County Legislator Harry Apolito (D-Lockport) has repeatedly, albeit unsuccessfully, attempted to bring the City of Lockport some relief on the taxes the city pays on it's raw water lines.

Although Apolito didn't initiate this action on behalf of the county, his persistence is admirable. But one has to wonder what Apolito is thinking when he repeatedly, openly suggests that the city should apply for a Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) through the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) in order to achieve the desired relief on the water lines.

Apolito's logic? The IDA granted a PILOT to AES that doesn't create any jobs or lead to any expansion, so if it's good enough for AES, it's good enough for Lockport. Keep in mind, this is the same Apolito that has incessantly criticized the AES PILOT to the point of calling for massive changes to the IDA board.

Last evening, Apolito went as far as to attend the Lockport Common Council meeting, stood at the microphone, and directed Mayor Michael Tucker and the Council to apply for a PILOT on the water lines. Yes, it is very obviously election season.

But that does not excuse Apolito from the double standard that he is advocating. If you feel that the AES PILOT is wrong, promoting a second PILOT based on the same criteria as the first certainly does not make it right.


Fed Up said...
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Anonymous said...

Apolito should go to the Lockport IDA, I hear they're good at giving no-tax deals like the one they gave to Ed Shoemaker's client, Fortistar. Now, that's a sweetheart deal.

AES should fire their attorney for being crappy negotiators and hire Shoemaker.

donkeykong said...

So the only way that Mr. Apolito can communicate with the City Council is to reserve time set aside for public comment? Does he address all issues in this manner? Does he tell his constituents that have pressing matters that they have to wait for a City Council meeting so he can talk to his colleagues?

Larry S said...

Donkey makes an excellent point. Is Apolito so impotent as a legislator that he needs to address the Council at a meeting??? If he is unable to maintain a working relationship with other governmental bodies, that speaks volumes about his effectiveness as a legislator.

cg466 said...

Apolito is the poster child for the Peter Principle.

Anonymous said...

Typical Apolito. He urges another governmental body to take action but doesn't do anything from his own position. Maybe Harry should run for the City Council because he has been completely ineffective for Lockport on the Legislature.

Seriously, I challenge anyone reading this to name one Apolito accomplishment.

Scott Leffler said...

Now, Anon. You must not be paying attention to the news. Harry has been trying for months to "work" the county end of this, but the legislature will be damned before they allow him to take credit for anything, so they stymie it. It isn't that he hasn't tried. But it's pretty difficult to overcome a 14-5 vote. As such, Harry was imploring the Republican officials in Lockport to nudge their buddies in the county. Sure, it's political showmanship, but at this point, that's all the Dems have. In fact, later this year, we'll hear that Harry hasn't gotten anything done ... but will the GOP say that it's because they haven't let him? No.

Interesting to note, here: I like Harry Apolito the man. Not fond of him as a legislator. But this insincere "piling on" by anonymous people looks like nothing but blatant politics and will only hurt the "anti-Harry" crowd in the long run ... just like it did against Rick Podgers and Scott Cercone. Harry has enough faults. You don't have to make more up.