July 23, 2007


FAIR (Fiscal Accountability Integrity & Responsible) Government will be holding it's second pubic forum this evening to discuss opening the lines of communication between the public and the legislature. Translated, the three-minute crowd wants to know how they can get more face time on LCTV.

The news that the mother of the boy who was pulled off the ice at the Amherst Pepsi Center is suing the town for improper supervision has to be the hypocritical action of the year. If you properly supervised your child, he wouldn't have been firing pucks at a father and his very young son, hitting the father multiple times. Take responsibility for your kid, lady, he's the problem, not the Pepsi Center.

The State Comptroller's audit of the Niagara Power Coalition is not kind to former Executive Director Mark Zito, and payments made to Zito from the Coalition with no financial oversight whatsoever. County Legislator and Coalition founder Dennis Virtuoso went as far as to say, "We never saw the checks, we were just board members". Huh? You mean figurehead.

Kudos to contributors to Niagara Times who helped us break two major local stories, the Parenti story and the Legislature candidate's DWI arrest. We have several other major stories in the pipeline, and will keep readers apprised as we receive confirmation. Keep the tips coming at NiagaraTimes@hotmail.com.

Congratulations to Laura Sharkey from the Town of Lockport. Sharkey was named the town's Outstanding Youth of 2007 for her many community contributions. With so many disturbing reports of youth activities in our communities these days, this young lady is a breath of fresh air and a positive role model for all of us.

County Manager Greg Lewis is guiding Niagara County into buying 60 acres in Cambria for a new Public Works facility. I thought the the county was looking to divest itself of the several dozen buildings it already owns. Do we really need to take another 60 acres off of the tax rolls?

Although I don't advocate a 23% raise for any elected official, Lockport Alderman Pat Schrader is right, it's 14 bucks a week. Personally, I'd wouldn't want to be an elected official, and I give these folks all of the credit in the world for the job they do. $8000 to be an Alderman? Gladly.

Of course, you have a couple of the Lockport gadflies professing that the Alderman should set an example by taking a pay cut. Why don't you set an example by going to the Board of Elections, running for election, winning the seat and forgoing the salary.

Lastly, a Houston couple has purchased the former Hotel Niagara on Rainbow Blvd. in Niagara Falls for $4.6 million. Although the Falls has it's share of problems, there are still people out there who are willing to take a chance on the city.


HillDogH8tr said...

The real problem in the Pepsi Center story is the mother (and father) of the trouble maker. I have heard that people suspect the parents are wrongfully prosecuting these people because they are near bankruptcy and are looking for $. Rumor is that the boy causes trouble at all of his sporting events, while the parents sit in the car waiting to bring a lawsuit for someone who touches their kid.

DayDreamBeliever said...

Hopefully more people will take the same chance on the city of NF, all at the same time, in order to give them all a chance to flourish. Alone, there's not much chance with what's available across the river. Unless, these businesses trying to invest have money in the bank like the Senecas and can invest millions into the a significant build this side of the falls. Keep your fingers crossed the Houstoners get some company, or have tons of $ to invest and wait. Its only gonna get tougher to develop this side with competition like that on clifton hill growing.

Larry S said...

The Pepsi Center story is frustrating. I've coached 10 year-old kids in basketball, and I've seen a couple kids like this one.

There is no doubt that the kids get the attitude from the parents.

Can a judge order a kick in the pants for the parents as punishment?

HillDogH8tr said...

How about have her stand at center ice and have her son shoot puck at her fat head?

Vintage said...

Was that typo intentional in the first paragraph?

The old saying is "you get what you pay for." Maybe the prospect of a little more dough will attract better candidates and better public servants.

Anonymous said...

haha, pubic forum, good catch vintage

cracker jack said...

Sail Away, I have to disagree with you on this pay raise issue for Alderman in the City of Lockport. Growing up in this community I can remember the days when people ran for Alderman because they wanted to help their ward and the city as a whole. They did not consider it a nuisance to answer their phone and help someone get their garbage picked up or the weeds mowed down in their neighbor's lawn. And they certainly didn't do these things for the paycheck. It was a volunteer, civic thing. These Alderman we have today seem only to be concerned with passing new laws that impact citizens without reading them and voting themselves a pay raise. Shame on them for their greedy attitude. By the way Pat, it seems like $14 bucks a week could now make a big difference to our local Delphi workers and the rest of our dedicated city taxpayers.

Mr. Pink said...

I am all for pay raises for local officeholders with one big caveat....no benefits/perks once they are no longer serving.

I'd gladly support paying County Legislature $20K or $25K a year with no benefits and no other lifetime perks.

Health insurance for part-time elected officials is crazy and legacy benefits for those who no longer serve is even more ridiculous.

Pay good money to get good people in those positions now.