July 13, 2007


All of the local news stations and the local sports radio station are covering the departures of Daniel Briere and Chris Drury incessantly. Who gives a damn? They left, let's move on.

Well-respected local periodical Buffalo Business First recently concluded an online poll which asked: "How do you rate Eliot Spitzer after half a year on the job?" 11% said Excellent, 25% said Good, 29% said Only Fair, 28% said Poor, and 8% didn't know. Six months in and 58% of the respondents think Spitzer is doing fair or poor; It's day 194, Eliot, and things are certainly changing under your watch - for the worse.

The news that Upstate Economic Czar Dan Gundersen will be renting an apartment on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo somewhat alleviates concerns about his commitment, or perceived lack thereof, to Western New York. Buying a home would have shown a greater commitment, but then again, if he's logging the thousands of miles across the state that he says he is, buying a home would be overkill.

Speaking of Gundersen, kudos to him for spending some time in Niagara County. Gundersen met with county officials this week to discuss the county's economic marketing efforts, and reportedly labeled the county's efforts "the model for business growth and retention efforts".

The Town of Alden is being proposed as the site of a retail complex the size of which will rival the Walden Galleria. Good luck with that.

The pit bull story out of Lockport is without a doubt one of the most disturbing stories I have ever heard. Word is that Nancy Grace his gotten hold of this story. As we know, Grace focused a significant amount of time last year to a story of a little boy from Lockport. We may be welcoming CNN cameras back to Niagara County very soon.

Lastly, major kudos to MSNBC anchor Mika Brzezinski for her refusal to lead the news with an update on Paris Hilton. In case you missed this amazing display of journalistic integrity, you can watch it by copying and pasting this address into your browser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VdNcCcweL0

People who are enthralled with the Paris Hiltons, the Lindsay Lohans, the Nicole Ritchies of the world are just downright pathetic. But since MSNBC was prepared to lead the news with a Hilton story, I guess they are well aware of the idiocy of the overwhelming percentage of the American people, and need to play to that audience.


Mr. Pink said...

Excellent observations. Regardless of wheter you like what Governor Spitzer is trying to accomplish or not, he could probably use a course or two in diplomacy. Steamrollin' grows tiresome very quickly.

I was never jammed up on where Gunderson lived, but I did think it showed a lack of public relations savy not to anticpate this firestorm would happen. I'm always worried about how talented people are when the make those kinds of misjudgments.

Paris Hilton. Pit bulls. Former Sabres. Everything in the world must ben fine when these stories garner so much attention....oh, wait, we have soliders dying every day overseas...maybe there is more serious stuff to talk about.

Larry s said...

The MSNBC piece is classic. Good for Mika for showing something most media whores don't have: Scruple.

virtual unreality said...

Spitzer's numbers drop shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. He has shown that he incapable of cooperation, and sunk to now lows in his spying on Bruno.

Cardinal said...

Kudos to the NBC Today Show and the local tourism industry - for giving national coverage this week to Niagara Falls. Niagara County has so much to offer and I was glad to see that we got some much needed attention.

Cracker Jack said...

This Blog is great! I was an avid follower of lockport-ny.com and since it has been dormat for a while now, there has been no where to get the "real" political happenings in our area. I look forward to reading more about the stories in Niagara County and Lockport. Keep up the excellent job.

Cracker Jack said...

I was some embarrassed the other day reading the article about the City of Lockport's outdoor wood stove burning ban. Many of our Alderman admitted that they didn't read the resolution before they voted on it. I thought we elected and paid our representatives to debate and actually read the resolutions before acting on them. It was a good thing Mayor Tucker had the veto pen all inked up and ready to go on this one. I bet you they will spend some careful time on their up coming pay raise resolution. After the episode with the outdoor wood burning stove resolution, they should forfeit any raise and give the city taxpayers a refund.

Cardinal said...

It looks like Gunderson has finally come to his senses and is moving to Buffalo. It's about time!

Hats off to him for finally finding Niagara County on a map and spending some time here this week. It looks like he got a feel for what has been occurring here. Times are no doubt tough in our county - but at least jobs at the air base, delphi and AES are being retained. Just look at all the other bases and plants around the country that are locking their doors for good. Its better to have something than nothing at all.

Sweaterman said...

Sail Away....all those rich pole dancers are on the news everyday because of one thing, people do not care....all the average joe cares about is living paycheck to paycheck and having cold beer in the fridge and cable television.

Gov. Spitzer is a scary person. People better wake up or some of most sacred elements of society will be gone.

1. Right to bear arms
2. Sanctity of Marriage between Man and Woman.

He wants these banished and if we do not wake up.....poof...they are gone.

Just my 2 cents.

PS. - Where is the economic tournaround he promised!