July 26, 2007

NFIA To Get Millions

I'm not sure how this one slipped through the cracks of the local media, but then again, we are well aware of the fact that "Dirty Laundry" (see Don Henley) sells better than good news.

July 12, 2007

Schumer, Clinton Announce Key Senate Panel Approves $2.5 Million for Niagara Falls International Airport

Washington, DC - U.S. Senators Charles E. Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton today announced that the full Senate Appropriations Committee has approved the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies (TTHUD) FY08 Appropriations Bill, which includes $2.5 million for Niagara Falls International Airport to construct a new terminal apron and to make road improvements. The bill will now proceed to the Senate Floor as the next step in the appropriations process. Schumer and Clinton worked closely with members of the Appropriations Committee to include funding for the project in this year’s spending bill.

“This is great news for Niagara and will enable the airport to take a giant step forward to becoming a prime international cargo shipping hub,” Schumer said. “The improvements will expand capacity and ensure that the airport is able to grow cargo operations and accommodate a wide variety of planes. With this funding, Niagara International is poised to make the most of its strategic location as an international and inter-modal trade center. I will continue fighting to secure these crucial funds to make the airport a world-class, job-producing, cargo hub.”


Scott Leffler said...

It was on WLVL's news the afternoon of the 12th and the morning of the 13th... and was in GNN's papers on the 13th. Just so you know ...

link to LUS&J story

Mr. Pink said...

Sail Away, Leffler got you on that one.

Sail Away said...

Our bad, thank you for the correction.

cg466 said...

If this goes through,how long do you think It will take for NFIA to misuse the money.