July 5, 2007

New York Post Editorial on Spitzer

This is an unedited editorial from the New York Post:

Governor Spitzer's repeated attacks last week against Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno were filled with distortions, half-truths and, in one case, an outright falsehood, a review of his claims shows.

Spitzer, in a mocking PowerPoint presentation delivered to audiences around the state, claimed Bruno (R-Rensselaer) and the Senate Republicans had voted to raise their own pay even while refusing to undertake official business, had approved the building of "dirty coal" power plants, and had prematurely ended the legislative session in order to begin their summer vacations.

The governor made the pay-raise claim based on the Senate's approving a measure its leaders said was submitted by Court of Appeals Chief Judge Judith Kaye, seen as a Spitzer ally.

The measure, which has not been approved by the Democratic-controlled Assembly, would provide an immediate pay raise for all state judges and set up a commission that could recommend pay raises for all other state officials, including lawmakers, whose pay was last raised in 1999.

Spitzer also claimed that the Republicans "called it quits before the full work week was over" last month when they ended the Senate's regular session. However, the Senate was sticking to the Legislature's official calendar when it ended its regular session last month, which the Assembly did a day later.

And at the time of the recess, Bruno said he would have kept the Senate at the Capitol if agreements had been reached with Spitzer on important issues.

Spitzer has also repeatedly claimed that Bruno and Senate Republicans favored the building of "dirty coal"-fired electrical generating plants that would belch disease-causing and global-warming-inducing gases across the state. But the measure backed by Bruno requires any new coal plant built in New York to meet all existing state and federal emission standards and to use the best available pollution-control technology.

In addition, the Natural Resources Defense Council, a leading environmental group, backed the measure when it was first introduced.


crystal ball said...

My crystal ball shows me that Mr. Spitzer has some trouble coming down the pike.

Political parties aside, it appears this man has no problem reaching new lows to harness his power. Scary.

Larry S said...

I think the governor is trying to change the Albany image, but he's not going to be successful with tactics like this.

All he's doing from his bully pulpit is making Bruno out to be the victim, which he may well be, but that doesn't alleviate my tax burden.

Come on guys, focus on the big picture.

virtual unreality said...

Wow, I'm very surprised about Spitzer. So much for trying to change the dysfunctionality of Albany. He seems to fit right in.

pete said...

This situation seems to have turned really ugly, and I have a feeling it's going to get uglier.

I read that different parties are calling on various investigative agencies to conduct inquiries on the use of the State Police.

This can't be good for anyone involved, especially Spitzer.