July 24, 2007

LaBarbera Court Date - UPDATE

I had the opportunity to attend the arraignment of Niagara County Legislature candidate Robert LaBarbera this evening at Wheatfield Town Court. Mr. LaBarbera was arraigned on the charges of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), refusing a breath test and failure to keep right.

Mr. LaBarbera was represented by Jim Perry of North Tonawanda, and was arraigned before Judge John Mattio. Mr. LaBarbera had his driver's license suspended pending his trial on August 28th.

Niagara Times has learned that Robert LaBarbera, candidate for Niagara County Legislature, will appear in Wheatfield Town Court at 6 P.M. this evening to face charges related to his DWI arrest.


Miss Muffit said...

I still don't get why this man is running for legislation. And why people don't think it's a big deal. I mean You hear all the time about people getting DWIs and they all think oh its just a lapse in judgement, my principles are the same, I didn't mean anything...just as LaBarbera has stated. Well if his principles are the same, that means that he has the principles of a drunk driver. Being a person who has known people that have died from a drunk driving accident, I don't think his "principles" should be taken so lightly. Maybe he should think about who he is comparing his principles with the next time he makes a comment.

Larry S said...

I agree Miss. Thank God I have never lost an immediate family member to DWI, but I have lost several friends.

I live near where Fricano sheered off the telephone pole. I'd like to know what Labarbera and Fricano's "principles" are going to do for the family of the person they kill if they do it again.

Anonymous said...

Harsh, harsh stuff. I think some of the bloggers are rushing to judgment here. If this court date is tonight, let's at least see what the facts are behind his arrest. I'm not trying to minimze driving drunk, but not all DWI's are the same.

HillDogH8tr said...

Ha, right. All DWIs aren't the same, like, some drunk drivers take a breathalizer because they know they are caught. And others don't take the breathalizer out of failure to accept the obvious fact that they are driving drunk, like LaBarbera...

Sweaterman said...

There is not rush to judgement. All DWI's are the same. It is black adn white. You are either under the influence or not under the influence. People who drive under the influence ahould be dealt with harshly.

cg466 said...

I would rather have a drunk representing me tthen the clown who is in that seat now. I will vote for Labarbera.Oh two beers in an hour = .08 so all you holy rollers dont judge.

Sweaterman said...

c'mon cg466.....

holy rollers....please..I think that the bloggers that are making these statements have one thing to say....public officials should be held to a higher standard and they are never above the law. When a person runs for office they better practice what they preach.

By the way. You shouldnt drive at all when you have one drink.

Anonymous said...

Sklarski was charged with fraudulently collecting unemployment benefits when he was receiving salary as a legislator. An act of dishonesty that was dropped by the courts and ignored or forgiven by the voters.

While it is correct that LaBarbera has shown a lapse in judgment, ultimately it is up to the voters in the Town of Niagara to cast the final verdict.

It will also be interesting if Danny "The Pot" Sklarski will call Bobby "The Kettle" black.

Anonymous said...

No, Skalrski was not let off. he pled guilty!

Full Text :COPYRIGHT 2002 The Buffalo News. All rights reserved. Reproduced with the permission of the Dialog Corporation by Gale Group.

Byline: PAUL WESTMOORE - News Niagara Bureau

NORTH TONAWANDA -- The felony unemployment fraud case against Niagara County Legislator Danny W. Sklarski was reduced to a violation Thursday in City Court.

Sklarski, a Town of Niagara Democrat, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct tHrough a plea bargain arrangement between his lawyer, Joseph LaTona, and District Attorney Matthew J. Murphy.

The charge was reduced from grand larceny to a petit larceny misdemeanor which, in turn, was reduced to the violation before Judge William R. Lewis.

"It's a non-criminal violation like a parking ticket," LaTona said.

Lewis gave Sklarski a conditional discharge and ordered him to repay the $5,945 the state Labor Department said he owes. Lewis said the case appeared to be more of a civil dispute, adding that the conditional discharge would be removed from his record in a year if the money were repaid and Sklarski lived a law-abiding life over that period.

"That's the main thing, repaying the disputed amount," Lewis said. As for living a law-abiding life, the judge told the lawmaker, "I'm sure you will."

LaTona told Lewis that $2,000 of the disputed money had already been repaid and that he had a signed check for $3,945 which would be sent to the Labor Department this week to clear the matter up.

Sklarski was arrested March 5 when state police, acting on information from the state Labor Department, accused him of bilking the state by applying for and accepting about $6,000 in unemployment insurance payments he was not entitled to between October 2000 and March 2001.

Labor Department officials said Sklarski, who had left his job of 22 years at E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. in 2000, was not entitled to the benefits because he made about $12,000 as a Town of Niagara official in 2001 and $11,000 in 2000. He was a town councilman and deputy town supervisor during that period.

According to legal documents, state officials said Sklarski never declared the money he was making while obtaining benefits. Sklarski was elected to the Legislature last November.

royaltonbigdog said...

I just went on another blog. I will reiterate here. All politicians that betray the trust of the public, Democrat or Republican should resign, drop out and leave the public eye.

Mike Cole - Resign - You obviously do not have the courtesy to go out and represnt the people of New York. You are more interested in chasing interns and drinking then fighting for the issues of your district.

Bob Labarbara - Drop out. You are no longer qualified to represent the public.

Governor Spitzer - You just apologized to the people of NY for, what amounts to "spying" on Senator Joe Bruno. You have lost my trust and you should also resign.

These shananigans have to stop!!!!!!

cg466 said...

Ted Kennedy never quit.Oh thats right you demorats love taht guy.
Skalarski Plead down to Disorderly conduct so I am sure Joe will get an Impaired.
I went to OCS in 1980 and It never affected my life. For you rollers that Ocasional Cocktail School.

Anonymous said...

If its pled down to "driving while ability impaired" (the likely outcome for a 1st offense), how did Sklarski's attorney LaTona put it?

"It's a non-criminal violation like a parking ticket,"


Regardless of what happened in the past or was said to have happened, this candidate, right here, right now, was caught for drunk driving. Bottom line is he is not fit for office because he said that his principles will not change!!!! That's insane that he expects to be elected with principles that say that drunk driving is okay!!!
Not in my town or country!

Cardinal said...

I find it interesting that another crony of Dan Rivera has been picked up for DWI. Seems like he has had some experience handling matters like these before. Does anyone remember former Mayor Ron Dawson? People showed him the door when he was driving drunk. I hope voters in the 6th district show the same common sense this year.

Sweaterman said...

Thanks for the up to the minute update Sail Away.

Any other Media outlets there?

Kudos to bigdog. Its good to see that there are others out there that do not see this as a Democrat or Repulblican issue.

Its a Trust and Integrity Issue.

Sweaterman said...

Good points Cardinal.

I think the Democrats could use a new leader. A person that can lead and recruit candidates who stand for something other then Republican bashing.

Does anyone here know what the Democrats platform is???


cg466 said...

Does anyone here know what the Democrats platform is???

Does any one know what the republican platform is? Everbody in politics wants one thing.To screw the tax payer.You people make me laugh,throwing around words like "Principles".Man the sheep in this county are ready for shearing.

Big Daddy said...

CG466, I like your attempt at spin control on the two beer =.08 which it does only if you weigh 120 pounbs and we know LaBarbera weighs more than that.

Let's lay out what we know:

1) It's 1:40 a.m. in the morning
2) He fails to keep right.
3) He refuse the test.


You are clearly part of a spin machine that is trying to whitewash a very serious crime. As a father of three small children, I resent your glib attitude toward drunk driving.

This isn't politics, this is public safety. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

I think the republicans in this county are good for tax cutting, program eliminating, and stream-lining of government, giving the people more freedom to do with their money what they please . Perfect example: Mount view closing

But this is not a rep/dem issue...Drunk driving candidates is

Scott Leffler said...

Anonymous - when have Republicans in this county cut taxes? Or eliminated a program? Or streamlined anything? And since you appear to be an appologist for the GOP, maybe you can explain how Scott Kiedrowski is qualified in the field of education? This group is all about getting jobs for friends. Hard to cut taxes when you do that ...

Anonymous said...

see above

Anonymous said...

cg466: I find your comment to be quite ignorant. How many politicians do you truly know well? How many have told you "I got into politics to screw the taxpayers."? If you weren't looking at it so negatively, you might find that people that run for office really WANT to try and change things, democrat or republican. They don't at any point suddenly change their tune and say "let's screw whoever we can." They pay taxes too.

cg466 said...

Anonymous said...
cg466: I find your comment to be quite ignorant. How many politicians do you truly know well?

I know a lot of Politicians very well and believe me it aint about caring for you the taxpayer. It’s about getting reelected and getting that pension. Any body that gets in to politics is doing it for themselves. Let’s see term limits and a major reduction in salary. Then let’s see who volunteers to lead. You political groupies slay me. I will vote for Bob because lets see what’s worse some one who has a few beers or some one who steals money from unemployment. Right Danny? Vote for Bob I will. Oh by the way I am to jaded to have any shame. I call em the way I see em, and I see a bunch of hipocrits on this blog!!

Big Daddy said...

CG you continue your spin cycle. Where has it been said Bob only had a few beers? Maybe it was twelve Jack and Coke's and he would have blown a .30....anyone who only had a few beers would not refuse to take the breathalyzer.

Your willingness to overlook the transgression of someone putting innocent people's lives at risk is disgraceful.

cg466 said...

Your willingness to overlook the transgression of someone putting innocent people's lives at risk is disgraceful.

Hey are you Danny Boy?
So you condone stealing from the taxpayer? What about putting our wallets at risk. Your logic slays me. What is you agenda? Oh I cant vote for Bob in the primary becuase I am an independent.How ever in the General Election I will.

Big Daddy said...

Gee, putting my wallet at risk or getting run over by a drunk driver. And regardless of bad behavior on both sides...you refuse to answer my question:

1) Where was it written that he had two beers? And if he only had two beers, why not take the test?

You asked if I'm Danny Boy...I'm not...are you Drunken Bobby?

cg466 said...

I bet Skarlski had Bob watched and set him up.It sounds like Dannys MO.
B Daddy show me your proff he had more then two beers.

virtual unreality said...

Danny isn't that smart. Even if he was watching him, Bob made the mistake of putting himself in that position. Let's not forget that, regadless of whether you support Bob or Danny.

Virtual Unreality said...

By the way, CG, you asking someone to prove Bob had more than two beers simply reiterates the fact that he refused to take a Breathalyzer, and that we'll never know how many beers he had.

For a guy that had the audacity to go on PULSE and say he has nothing to hide, he had plenty to hide when the State Trooper asked him to take that Breathalyzer test.

It may be smart legally, it may not be; the courts will decide. But for him to say he has nothing to hide is garbage.

Put a fork in this guy, he's done.

cg466 said...

Why do I think that most of the posters on this blog are County workers? Why do you all forgive Danny boy for stealing money,but you wont cut Bob any slack? Ethics arent important?
I just hate Danny so who ever runs against him gets my vote.Now their is my agenda? So let have some honesty here.

Virtual Unreality said...

CG, thanks for your honesty. Danny didn't HIDE from his act. Bob did by refusing the breath test. Danny faced his punishment. Bob is trying to avoid his. Bob STILL has not apologized.

I'm not condoning Danny's actions, but he faced the music like a man.