July 23, 2007

LaBarbera Arrest Update

Niagara Times has received confirmation of a previous report here Sunday evening related to the DWI arrest of 6th District Niagara County Legislature candidate Robert LaBarbera.

The endorsed Democratic choice for the seat was arrested Thursday night on the misdemeanor charge. He was also charged with refusing a breath test as well as failure to keep right.

LaBarbera stated that he plans to continue with his quest to unseat incumbent Legislator Danny Sklarski.

Here is the link to the full Buffalo News coverage of the LaBarbera arrest: http://www.buffalonews.com/cityregion/niagaracounty/story/126034.html


William Wallace said...

Wow, I just read an article in today's buffalo news that says the same thing. It also mentioned that LaBarbera said the situation was embarassing but it "doesn't change (his) principles and (his) integrity"?

WHAT? So your principles that led you to drive drunk are still in place!!?? I'd hope you'd have a change in some of your principles after being pulled over for a DWI! Sorry Labarbera, but you are not the right candidate for legislator!

Larry S said...

William, that's a great take on this-the same principles are still in place. Whoever is advising this guy should advise him to shut his mouth, he's making the situation worse for himself.

By the way, congratulations Sklarski, you've already won another term.

Scott Leffler said...

I ran into Bob last night at the FAIR meeting and I told him that I thought he should drop out. People do stupid things but in this day and age, DWI is practically unforgivable. He has assured he cannot win and if he stays in, I think it taints the entire Democratic slate ... if it hasn't already.

Mr. Pink said...


I agree. If this incident had happened in his past and he said it was a mistake that he learned from, I think he would be fine.

But this happened when he was an announced candidate. I don't think you recover from that.

Pirate's Code said...

If the quote attributed to him in the News is accurate, LaBarbera is displaying either rather remarkable level of arrogance or a remarkable level of ignorance about electability. Or, worse, both.

He would be doing the rest of the Dems a favor by simply fading away -- or at least stop campaigning until his legal issues are resolved.

Scott Leffler said...

I was kind of surprised at the reaction presented by several of my callers today. I may have been wrong in thinking this was a deathnel. Or Bob may have had his whole family call ... I'm not sure ...

Click to hear

Sail Away said...

Scott, thanks for the podcast, it was a very interesting show.

Clemenza said...

Just found this blog and have been reading everything. Love all the information and the back and forth.

Scott Leffer, thanks for the link to your show, I listened to the whole thing. Obviously, a couple were plant calls for Mr. LaBarbera but overall a good discussion.
A couple of points. If he only had two beers he would not have REFUSED to take the breathalyzer. Nobody only has two beers and is driving around in the middle of the night.

But what really disturbed me is how some of the callers really seemed not to take DWI all that seriously. Well, everyone makes a mistake, blah, blah blah.

DWI is not a simple mistake. And when you are running for office, you should be even more careful.

You did a nice job of challenging some of those callers. If you get pulled over for DWI in the middle of your campaign, we can all agree that you are not the best and brightest candidate seeking office.

cg466 said...

God I didnt realize that I lived in the bible belt.So all the heathens I see in resturants have a few are pure evil.Skalarski has been know to throw back a few.
And I have seen beermister doing it too. I guess I will go out and run for office tonight. Those who live in glass huts shouldnt throw rocks.

Pirate's Code said...

cg466 -- What level of criminality are you willing to accept in a candidate? If LaBarbera pleads or is found guilty, are we to simply ignore that? You seem to imply that there is no harm in "having a few" and then driving. That others do it makes it no less illegal (or stupid, for that matter). Bible belt has nothing to do with it.

What if a candidate steals "a few" dollars? Geez, it was only a couple of bucks.

RoyaltonBigDog said...

Just found this blog....very interesting....maybe this guy LaBarbera should scope the college towns looking for interns with Mike Cole.

It is time for these politicians to take responsibility.

LaBarbera should drop out of his race and Mike Cole should resign and disappear from the public scene.

I am sick and tired of them getting away with this.

How dare these guys say they stand for high morality and family vaules and then drive drunk and "sleep" on the aprartment floor of an intern in Albany.

Its about trust gentleman and you both have lost mine!