July 30, 2007

Day 211 & All's Hell

A poll coming courtesy of Siena College found Gov. Eliot Spitzer's favorability rating has steadily dropped over the past seven months,falling from 75-10 when he took office in January to 62-22 in June (following the bruising budget battle) to 59-28 in the wake of the current scandal.

The governor's job approval rating is also down, dropping from 55-37 in June to 46-48 this month. Meanwhile, AG Andrew Cuomo's numbers are climbing, with his favorability reaching a Siena poll high of 55-26 and his job performance up to 52-33 from 46-36 in June.

Siena poll spokesman Steve Greenberg notes that Spitzer is developing a "credibility problem" as he continues to insist he didn't know what his top aides were up to as they used the State Police to collect damning information about Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno.

Among those polled who are aware of the scandal, most believe the governor was well aware of what was going on.


Anonymous said...

Spitzer's bubble has burst in a big way, and he's shown his true colors. I hope Cuomo has the sack to appoint a special investigator.

Virtual Unreality said...

Spitzer came in with these "good intentions", but quickly found himself in over his head.

As the AG, he was untouchable, and all of the people he "steamrolled" over while ascending in his political career are laughing their tails off.

What comes around goes around, Eliot.

Mr. Pink said...

Lots not see too much glee here. Spitzer in many ways was the best hope for Upstate to turn the economy around so this stupid mistake on the part of some of his people is not only bad for him it's bad for all of us.

Spitzer as a moderate dem is probably the only one who can force Albany special interest to compromise like on workers comp. If these special interests think he has lost his juice, we're in for more status quo...and that ain't good for anyone.