July 17, 2007

Chasing Gundersen

Straight out of the Conspiracy Theorists Handbook, sources have told Niagara Times that certain individuals have attempted to contact Dan Gundersen, the Chairman of Upstate Empire State Development, to verify a quote that was attributed to Gundersen in the Buffalo News.

As you may recall, Gundersen was in Niagara County last week to meet with County Manager Greg Lewis, Chairman Clyde Burmaster, Economic Committee Chairman Richard Updegrove, IDA Chairman Henry Sloma, Lockport Mayor Mike Tucker, Niagara USA President Deanna Brennen and other officials from the county's economic development staff. The focus of the meeting was to brief Gundersen on local economic development activities and marketing efforts.

Upon conclusion of the meeting, Updegrove is quoted as saying, "Mr. Gundersen said Niagara County was the model for business growth and retention efforts". Unfortunately the story doesn't end there.

Reportedly calls have been made to Gundersen's office to verify the comment because some individuals from the Somerset area cannot believe he would make such a statement.

My question is, what the hell is wrong with you? Are you that mentally disturbed that you are unable to comprehend the fact that all is not gloom and doom in Niagara County? That despite your thoughts on AES, which by the way no one outside of Barker gives a flying hoot about, you are unable to recognize other positive developments in the county, including the $1 billion HSBC project?

I cannot even comprehend the mindset of some people and what drives them. What I have come to learn is that some people want to tear down the Niagara County Legislature, even if it is at the expense of the entire county.


Mr. Pink said...

Great commentary and inside information. That's why I have come to really appreciate this site...you are getting information that the mainstream media is missing.

The Somerset crew needs gloom and doom because if the county grows and prospers, then their argument does not hold up.

I'm told there will be little or no property tax increase this year which directly contradicts the Merrell Benders of the world chicken little crying.

Niagara County is moving forward...closing Mount View, solidfying AES, HSBC...I see new buildings go up on Transit. Pendleton and Wheatfield are adding population. We've avoided the fiscal meltdown of Erie County.

Sam Ferraro and his team are attracting Canadian businesses left and right.

So Gunderson recognized some of the good stuff...let's be proud for a change.

Virtual Unreality said...

This is disturbing if it is true. Everyone has been calling for Gundersen's head because he hasn't been in our region. He finally comes here and people are hounding him to verify a quote?

What a great way to chase him away for another few months.

Cardinal said...

I appauld Gunderson for his comments and appauld this site for disclosing revelant information about important economic progress within Niagara County. By the IDA providing tax stability for both the taxpayers and AES through its PILOT agreement, Niagara County was able to make sure that over 125 good paying jobs stayed right here in our county. The IDA worked with HSBC to bring a 1 BILLION DOLLAR project here with at least 50 good paying jobs. Let's give some credit where credit is due. This progress is occuring in Niagara for once and not heading to places such as North Carolina and Texas!