July 27, 2007

Anello's Uphill Battle

The news that Niagara Falls Mayor Vince Anello has been charged with harassment casts another shadow over the campaign of the first-term mayor, and caps off what has been an eventful week in local politics.

The complaint, which was filed by Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark, stemmed from an altercation between Anello and Niagara Falls Redevelopment Corporation Vice-President Roger Trevino on June 27.

Anello already faces an uphill battle for re-election after the Niagara Falls and Niagara County Democratic committees chose to endorse Niagara Falls Councilman Lewis "Babe" Rotella for mayor. Former Councilman Paul Dyster and newcomer Paul Argy will also appear on the Democratic line.

Anello has also had to face a nearly two-year long FBI investigation for his involvement in a loan made to Anello by Joe Anderson and whether the loan bought Anderson favoritism on city development projects.

The charges brought against Anello continue a busy week for local Democrats. Democratic candidate for Niagara County Legislature Bob LaBarbera was charged earlier in the week for DWI and other related charges.


Clemenza said...

Anello is a disgrace, a thug and the sooner he is out of office the better it will be for everyone.

His antics on the new courthouse have cost taxpayers millions and probably set back development in Niagara Falls for years to come.

Think about it. You see the Ciminelli name all across WNY and in major cities across the country. They are building and developing everywhere. Yet, Niagara Falls is the one place they can't get it done, they're fighting with the mayor, having their decades-old reputation dragged through the mud?

What do you think happens when Ciminelli people are at conferences or meetings with other peer developers? I bet they tell them how awful their Falls experience has been and people should stay away.

Great job of being an ambassodor for Niagara Falls, Vince. You've really accomplished something when people miss Palillo, Galie and Elia.

miss muffit said...

Good point about the developers. Just like any business owners, they talk about their customers, and when they tell them of the bad experience they had with Niagara Falls it isn't surprising that they would have so many problems. No wonder the tourism in Canada is so much more than in the USA in Niagara Falls. If they want to build around the falls, they might as well go over there, cause at least they wouldn't have to deal with the mayor here, or at least the reputation that they have heard of.

Anonymous said...

Clemenza -- Anello may well be a disgrace and a thug, but wouldn't you pay money to see him a steel cage death match with Roger Trevino? One thug against another, bashing it out for the title of "Niagara County's Biggest Tool."

No doubt that Anello has set development in Niagara Falls back a decade, but is NFR any cleaner in that regard. Tens years, dozens (or more) properties acquired and what to show for it?

* (insert sound of crickets here) *

clemenza said...

Heard a pretty good rumor this morning that Anello's Democrat petitions will not survive a challenge and he will be off the ballot for the primary.

Niagara Falls, our long nightmare may soon be over.

The only question is how much damage can he do before he's booted out the door. Knowing Vince, this will not be a graceful exit.

Anonymous said...

Until the city elects someone with the sand to stand up to NFR and Cordish, and find a way to get the Senecas more involved in the rest of the city, will a new mayor really matter?

Only in WNY can a developer continue to get away with "I promise to build something next month" for so long. Only in WNY would a sham like Parlato be allowed to operate what amounts to a flea market so close to the falls.