June 1, 2007

Welcome to Niagara Times

Greetings people of Niagara County. I have started this blog because I believe that rational conversation is key to progress. As I was researching blogs, I came across one person's interpretation of "civil discourse", and it read, "it means not threatening people; not silencing people; not mistaking ad hominem attacks for “debate;” giving people the benefit of the doubt if they haven’t been behaving like overgrown 2-year-olds; and remembering, first and foremost, that behind the words on the screen is a person with feelings".

I also believe that many of the local message boards have become stomping grounds for individuals with a hidden agenda. I have seen many attacks, accusations, threats, and some very punishing comments made. This serves no good purpose. I would like this blog to be a free exchange of ideas, discussion of news events, and maybe some humor mixed in.

I have no financial interest, political interest or interest of any other kind in the success or failure of this blog. I simply would like the people of this county to have a forum that is not dictated by the interests of a newspaper group, a radio station, or the hidden agenda of any persons or groups.

With that, I shall make the first post in the history if the Niagara Times blog, I hope you enjoy visiting the site.


Anonymous said...

I for one am glad to see a new outlet for public comment. Good luck with the site, I'll be passing it on to everyone I know!

Anonymous said...

I agree, I have posted on the Union Sun site before, but I found it to be very slanted.

I like your initial posts, and I look forward to an objective opinion on the issues.

Anonymous said...

I am excited to see a new outlet for my frustrations. Well done!

Mr. Pink said...

I hope this turns into a site for intelligent conversation and debate as opposed to the six nuts who rampage at every County Legislature meetings, go to Friendly's afterward to have a milkshake and talk about how smart they are and then get up the next morning to hear themselves talk on the Leffler show. I'm tired of these people driving public discourse on all things Niagara County.

I look forward to an issue based discussion and hopefully a good exchange of ideas.

Pirate's Code said...

Welcome, and thanks for creating this site. I'm wary of blogs because the process allows too much discourse with no consequence. We hid behind pseudo-identities to express our opinions, because we can. That leads to abuse and manipulation, rumor stated as fact, bad information spread rapidly, and personal attacks that go unchallenged.

Sort of like an internet supermarket tabloid.

Worse yet, too many bloggers tend to view themselves as "citizen journalists," stating as fact what clearly would be labeled "opinion" anywhere else.

But, a site where opinions can be freely exchanged about the happenings in this lovely little county we call home can be fun. So long as it is kept in perspective.

Mr. Pink is, sadly, correct. Too few people drive what passes for debate in NC. Shame on them, but shame on us, as well.

Besides, there are plenty of places to get a better milkshake than Friendly's.

Sweaterman said...

Yeah.....its a shame that 6 people seem to intimidate all the time. I personally believe that that public comment period should be eliminated at the County Level of Government.

If the "6 pack" complains about it, they should be reminded that we live in representative democracy. The 19 legislators speak for us and if they do not like what they say, vote them out. Here is an idea....run for office yourself. These people risk a lot putting their lives in the public eye and they are treated like dirt. The six should become part of the solution instead of the problem.

Could you imagine if public comment were allowed in the US Senate or House of Representatives......Gridlock!!! More then already exists.

Just my 2 cents!!!