June 1, 2007


It seems that politics is the primary topic on message boards these days, so it's only logical that we start there. For the record, I am a registered Republican, but I am a moderate Republican. I have voted for Chuck Schumer for Senator and I have voted for George Bush for President. Does that mean I love Schumer or Bush? Of course not, it simply means that at that moment in time, they were who I believed to be the superior candidate in their respective races.

Speaking of the presidency, is there, or has there ever been, a candidate that invokes such emotion as Hillary Clinton? Not that I have been around for centuries, but since I've been following politics, I have never seen a candidate that is either so beloved or so bemoaned as the former First Lady.

For me, as a Republican, I was not overly enamored with Bill Clinton. But, as I try to be objective, I know that he did a pretty decent job in the White House. Conversely, I do not believe that Bush is as evil is the media makes him out to be. The fact is that this country is a safer country with George Bush at the helm than it would have been with John Kerry. Do I agree with every facet of the Iraqi war? Absolutely not, but answer this question: Has this country been attacked since 9/11? Of course the answer is no.

Would I prefer to see the $800,000,000,000+ that has been spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan be reinvested in our country? That's not an easy answer. Obviously it would seem to be, but the $64,000 question is: What price are you willing to put on your personal safety and security?

Again, I'm not saying I support the war or that I am opposed to the war. What I am saying is that are in fact two sides to every issue, and civil discourse is a good thing.

Back to Hillary. As I said previously, I am not a fan of hers, but it amazes me how passionate people are about her. If you're a Hillary supporter, please share with us what you believe she brings to teh table as a candidate and why you believe she would be a good President. If you are not a Hill fan, please feel free to jump in as well.


Anonymous said...

Hillary is hideous and I could never look at her or listen to her speak for 4 years. It could compare to listening to Al Gore speak. There are other cndidates who would do just as good a job.

Fred Thompson 2008 said...

If Hillary wins, the horsemen are sure to follow! Not to mention the locusts, fire, brimstone and the return of the plague.

Sweaterman said...

She is terrible, unfortunately she is a media darling. Can anyone name one concrete intititive or law she has accomplished?

Seriously....really think.......

Nothing right?