June 25, 2007

Lockport School District Vacancies

The news that 27 teachers from the Lockport City School District are retiring at the end of the current school year must have come as welcome news to those in the community that support smaller government. After all, what a tremendous opportunity to trim a significant dollar amount from the budget.

In addition, the tax savings would be sizable. After all, we have read incessantly about the Tax Foundation's findings that Niagara County is the highest taxed county in the country. And since my school taxes make up about 60% of my total tax bill, it only makes sense that a reduction in staffing in the district would lead to a lower school property tax bill.

Unfortunately, the district has no plans to eliminate any of the soon-to-be-vacant positions. Twenty-five newly hired teachers are already in place, and the district plans to hire two more special education teachers.

Where is the billboard for this? Where are the public speakers? Where are letters to the editors? Nowhere to be found on all counts.

Why is this? Where is Edwina Luscks, the champion of smaller government (choke)? I'm going to take a shot in the dark as to why the "three minute crowd" will sit silent on this one: No cameras.

The Niagara County Legislature is an easy target. The meetings are televised, therefore the public comment session is televised. LCTV devotes four hours every Thursday night to legislative matters, WLVL talks about politics. It gives the publicity-starved three-minute crowd the opportunity to get their names out there.

School board meetings? Boring stuff. No one talks about school boards and the fact that their budgets are disgustingly bloated. It's not sexy.

But at least we know the six or seven people in the community who were ignored as children and are oh so desperately looking for the attention they never received as kids.


scott said...

Does anyone see the irony in a blog whose main purpose is to complain about people who complain about high taxes? And do so anonymously? At least the Edwinas, Dons, and Margies are proud enough of their comments to make them publicly.

Having read through most of the stuff here, I have to say, we agree on a lot more than we disagree on. But this blind hatred for the "six pack" or "three minute crowd" is a bit disconcerting. Makes me wonder who you're all connected to ...

Just my two cents. Flame away.

- Scott Leffler
- AM 1340 WLVL

Mr. Pink said...

Scott, I see much similarity in this blog to your radio show...both do a lot to point out the hypocrisy within the community.

I disagree with your point of view on a lot of topics, agree on others, but I always like when you point out the inconsistencies between people's words and their actions.

When the three minute crowd constantly complains about taxes but then opposes Mount View's closing...that's hypocrisy. They have spoken against almost every idea for government consolidation.

And for this group to oppose the health care resoloution on insurance is the height of hypocristy. No one is saying Sean O'Connor can't run for re-election...but he's not going to get a free ride on the taxpayers for the rest of his life.

And look at the people on both sides of the aisle who voted against it....all long-term incumbents who cast their opposing vote because they want this lifetime health perk for themselves. That resolution wasn't about O'Connor...it's about all the old fossils who want to take taxpayers for a ride.

I live in a district represented by a Republican who voted against that resolution. I'm licking my chops to throw the the bum out of office.

Scott Leffler said...

Pink, if you listened to the show - as it sounds like you have ... you know I agree with you on both the Mount View issue and the insurance thing. Although I don't think that resolution went far enough.

That said, the ugly politics in that vote was blatant and showed the hubris that those in power display.

I hope your legislator loses. And mine. And everyone elses. And I hope we can replace them all with intelligent civil servants (emphasis on both civil and servant - intelligent would be a bonus).

Finally, I'm glad to have a blog like this one which offers intelligent discourse ... even if I do think it's a shame that much of the posting is to blast those who are vocal against government, which we need MORE of, not less.

Mr. Pink said...

You're right...we're guilty of what we accuse the legislators of doing...focusing in on a small, non-representative sample of the county populaton.

So, let's move on and discuss the issues that matter. I for one am glad and actually surprised 13 legislators found the gumption to vote to close Mount View. Those who voted no clearly lack leadership to do what's right for this county.

Sail Away said...

The blog isn't about people who complain about high taxes. The blog has addressed issues much more broad than that.

My disgust with the three minute crowd is the unprofessional and disrespectful manner in which they conduct themselves, but that is well documented so there is no need to expand upon that.

Obviously you have missed the fact that my name is on the blog, and in every email I respond to, which has been a significant number.

I'm not hiding, I'm just not advertising either.

William Wallace said...


Here's a flaming comment for you.
The real irony about this website is that its main purpose, as I understand it, is to talk about all general issues affecting Niagara County, however high taxes comes up each and every time. Until this state and all the counties within it, get their death grips off of the upstate citizens' wallets, you will continue to see people leave the state to go where the money they earn goes into their pockets, and stays there, until the workers who made the money want to spend it. Not until a special interest group approaches a politician who needs some votes to get reelected and is willing to work to pass some garbage program that further ups the bill for the hard working citizens to pay. And the effect on the remaining citizens will only get harder and harder to bear when positions are cut despite the shrinking economy. This area better hope people really like cheap water and next-to-free boarded-up homes real soon or noone will be left to pay the bills.

I appreciate a website that makes people more aware of what they are writing their checks for, paying 20 cents per gallon of gas extra for, etc. If that means that we are just complaining about high taxes, then its atleast a step in the right direction to more accountable government.

William Wallace
Martyr/Freedom from government Fighter
Ellerslie, Scotland