June 11, 2007

Hypocrisy Part III

The Confer letter is the epitome of hypocrisy. The original was printed in it's entirety, with no editing, to allow readers to draw their own conclusions. Now, I'd like to expand on those two documents. Among the statements in Confer's "guest editorial" (how someone gets to be a "guest editor" is beyond me. Maybe the ability to string a few words together into a sentence classifies someone as a "guest editor"), Confer says, "As we’ve so painfully discovered over the past few months, industrial development agencies do much more harm than good".

Well Bob, how much harm was done to "us" when your company applied for and received a $2.2 million IDA package? I cannot even fathom the fact that this guy has the nerve to utter a single negative word about IDAs.

Confer says "As was made so readily apparent here, IDAs tend to abuse their power to offer tax cuts". Well Bob, why is it that you weren't complaining about the IDA abuse of power when that power was lining YOUR pocket to the tune of $2.2 million?

He later says "When all is said and done, it’s these unfortunate taxpayers who then have to shoulder an unwelcome and unfair burden when properties come off the tax rolls because the IDAs allow it". Hmmmmmmmm.

Bob, if you do not believe that the taxpayers should not have shoulder the load for these incentive packages, feel free to take that $2.2 million, divide it up by the number of households in Niagara County and send each and every one of us a check. Otherwise, it would appear that you are being, how should I say it - a hypocrite.

Now the best part: Confer wrote this "guest editorial" (I'm sorry, I just can't stop laughing), just tearing IDA's apart, on January 22, 2007.

Amazingly, he sent the other letter to the IDA on July 19th, 2005 praising the hell out of the IDA and the work they did for him and his company. Among his quotes, Confer says, "The tax abatement and PILOT package that you have given Confer Plastics is very important to our expansion". Wow, that certainly doesn't sound like the same guy who wrote a "guest editorial" blasting IDAs.

Confer goes on to say "we value everything your organization does to market and improve the county". Keep in mind, in his "guest editorial", he said "this truth is best exemplified locally by the AES giveaway, which in the whole scheme of things represents only the tip of the dirty IDA iceberg". Well Bob, I just took a look beneath the tip of that dirty IDA iceberg, and I saw you and your company lurking under the water.


Anonymous said...

From Bob Confer...

I don't plan to debate this at length, but if you read that op-ed as well as the other 3 parts of the IDA series you will find them all to be an assessment of IDA weaknesses and corporate abuses of the system.

The series may at first appear to be hypocritical, but really it was a call for fairness, equality, and playing by the rules...the same stuff I always strive for in my columns and the very same things I strive for with my PILOT.

Of note, the PILOT was not $2.2 M. That was an error in the application created by me and the IDA staff....the $2.2 M was the purchase price of the facility, NOT the savings value.

The total savings of the PILOT over its 15 year lifespan is $544,444.

As noted in Part Four of the IDA series, such abatments are a necessary evil because they limit the cost of doing business in NY. Even with that tax abatement for that facility, the cost of doing business in NY (higher electrical costs, taxes, and insurances) is in excess of $800,000 per year for my company.

So, the total value of that PILOT does not even cover one year of doing business in NY!

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how far back Sail away goes to find and make up a fake controversy about the IDA.

The reason for that is that Henry Sloma and his friends can't defend the AES PILOT based on the facts so they manufacture controversy on Bob Confer's Article to deflect the AES fiasco away form them.

As Bob points out, you have to read the whole thing and see that he points out weaknessess and abuses of the system. AES being the largest abuse in the State.

The Abuses are getting so numerous that elimiation of IDA's may be the only fix. Study showed that 68% of Western New York IDA projects fail to meet their job targets.

Confer Plastic's IDA is one of the few examples of doing a PILOT correctly.

Providing a little bit of help but not giving away the store.

A project that exceeded its job hiring targets. an example of economic development done the right way.

Unlike the AES PILOT causing a net loss for the IDA for years to come.
A $95 Million dollar loss($43 million without inflation)

Rick Updegrove recently said at a Legisaltive meeting that he would gladly tie his name to the succes of the NCIDA.

Rick fails to do his homework or complete the Math.

He and Henry Sloma said the 2006 succes of the IDA would bring an additional $3 million in revenue over the life of the PILOTS granted in 2006.

That was claimed to be their best year ever. Until they reached the negative impact of the AES PILOT at $95 Million over 12 years.

The Net loss to Taxpayers and on the NCIDA record is a staggering $92 MILLION DOLLAR LOSS.

If Rick Updegrove wants to tie himself to that net record then I see a new Legislator coming for that district this fall.

Anonymous said...

Sail Away can you explain how you got a copy of the Confer plastics letter in Color. Do you work in the office and are allowed to scan in the confidential file??

Foil requests are Black & white that's if you can get any records out of the IDA at all.

Most AES PILOT requests are labeled confidential or have 75% of their application blank.

That fact is a key part of the legal case against the IDA and the AES PILOT in court this week.

Very interesting how did you get a color copy?

I doubt Tom Prohaska or Tasha Kates get color copies of IDA documents when they investigate a story for the Buffalo News or the union Sun & journal.

Mr. Pink said...

I'll dare anyone have a color copy of the letter. There must be a conspiracy is you have a public document and it is in color. There will be no color.

Good grief, I can't believe the dialouge had reached this low level already.

And it's amazing that every issue in Niagara County boils down to AES.

Here's a new flash...outside the good people of Somerset...NO ONE CARES!!!

Everyone knows the town made a killing off the taxes...and by town I mean Fast Eddie Shoemaker.

County taxes aren't going to be impacted by this and the average citizen has other more pressing issues.

Come look at my property tax bill and the way I get screwed on assessment every year and then we'll see how bad Somerset has it.