June 7, 2007

Fire Department Fills Pool

A 12-year old Lockport girl has lymphoma, and Make-a-Wish intercedes to see what they can do to make this girl's life just a little better. She doesn't want a trip to Disney, she didn't want to meet an astronaut, she didn't want to meet Britney Spears. She wanted a pool. Not an elaborate pool, just a nice size above ground pool.

So through Make-a-Wish, Colley Pools of Hamburg donated a 24-foot pool, Home Depot donated a fence and volunteers from Fox Fence and Local 91 erected it. What else would they need? Simply enough, they needed water.

So Mayor Mike Tucker, after being approached by several people, makes the call to fill the pool. Wouldn't you know, people called to complain. Anonymously. Wouldn't you think that if you saw a firetruck at a house, filling a pool, that there would need to be some special circumstance? Apparently some in the neighborhood immediately jumped to the conclusion that the fire department was up to no good, and that's unfortunate.

This girl has been fighting lymphoma, wants a pool, and all the City of Lockport has to do is fill the pool to make this girl's wish come true, and people call and bitch.

If you are one of the unfortunate souls who did make a call, I just have one question for you: How the hell do you sleep at night?

That being said, I hope to God that you or a loved one never find yourself in the same position as this little girl and her family.


Mr. Pink said...

Too many people with too much time on their hands thinking someone is getting some thing that they're not and they're jealous. This reminds me of an old Simpson's episode when Homer is hiding out at Grandpa Simpson's nursing home.

Homer sees a wheelchair and says "a chair with wheels, and here I am using my own legs like a sucker." Later he sees a respirator and says, "a breathing machine and here I am using my own lungs like a sucker."

The fire department fills up pools...and here I am using my own hose and water like a sucker.

Pirate's code said...

Maybe your reaction to the anonymous tipsters' reactions is a bit over the top, as well?

I can remember when my local FD routinely filled the pools of certain people in the know, while everyone else played the role of Homer Simpson. Had to let the water run for 15 or 20 minutes until the rust cleared. Maybe that used to happen in Lockport, as well, and thus the reaction.

Good that the mayor responded to the request the way he did, but don't be quite so hard on folks who had no of knowing why the FD was there.

By the way, if I saw a fire truck at my neighbor's house hooking up hoses, my first reaction would be that the house was on fire -- not that a pool was being filled.

Clark Griswold said...

I think the most surprising part about this story isn't the predictable reaction by some foolish people, but the fact that a couple of these folks restrained themselves from asking if they could get their pool water topped off.