June 23, 2007

Citizen Activism

An individual who commented on one of the previous posts made an interesting observation that I'd like to expound upon. The comment had to do with citizens taking an active role in government, and how public speakers at local governmental meetings are more active than most of the people in the community.

I truly believe that it is not only our right, but our obligation to take part in the democratic process. Most local governmental bodies provide the opportunity for citizen input in some form or another, many of which we have the opportunity to view on local cable access.

LCTV frequently will air meetings from the Town of Lockport, the City of Lockport, Wheatfield, as well as Niagara County Legislature meetings. I believe that most elected officials value citizen input, when it is presented in a professional, courteous manner.

Unfortunately, county legislature meetings have deteriorated into a dog and pony show dominated by a select few that are not addressing the legislature for the betterment of the community, but because they have an agenda of their own, and it has nothing to do with moving the county in a positive direction.

If you should go to a meeting, watch the interaction between the "three minute crowd" and the Democrats in the legislature. It's a joke. They get together, plot their strategies to rid the legislature of those evil Republicans, then parade the speakers to the podium to do the dirty work of the Dems. How these people don't see how they are being used by the Dems is beyond me.

Speakers will stand there, tell the legislature that they're dirty, crooked, don't care about their constituency, they've been bought off, they have no morals, essentially, that they are the unwanted offspring of Lizzie Borden and Charles Manson.

But in all of these accusations, has anyone ever presented a fact to substantiate an accusation? If Gerry Farnham is crooked, how is he crooked? If Harry Apolito has been bought off, who has bought him off and for what purpose? If you believe that Mike Hill doesn't care about his constituency, document your reasons. But nothing is ever corroborated. It's accusations and innuendo, and it's garbage.

If these people, Swan, Dickey, Hobel, Snelgrove, actually put there energy into something worthwhile, they might actually be effective public advocates.

Instead, they sit there in the audience, giggling and sneering while other members of the audience speak, showing a complete lack of respect for anyone and everyone who does not share the same hatred that they do.

It's disgraceful, unprofessional and down right pathetic. For me, it's passed the point of annoyance, now I simply pity them.

Congratulations, you've taken citizen activism to a new low.

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Sweaterman said...

I agree 100 percent Sail Away. Maybe instead o bitching an whining all the time maybe they should come up with a plan or some constructive ideas. It is easier to be positive then negative.

Instead of complaing about how high taxes are all the time they should say.....You know why are taxes are so high.....And this is how we should fix them.....